April 13, 2024
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A call to action to all Thurrock Hammers and Speedway Supporters – Last day to email your support!

It’s the last day to register your views and support the Thurrock Speedway management as they look to have Speedway included in Thurrock Council’s “Local Plan” for the Arena Essex site.

The full info can be found below which was posted up on thurrockhammers.com website.

At our request, on 25 January 2023, the full Thurrock Council unanimously passed a resolution to protect and include Speedway in its Local Plan process.

It therefore came as a matter of considerable surprise and disappointment to find no mention of Speedway at the Arena Essex site, or in Thurrock when the Council published its Initial Proposals (Regulation 18) document as part of the Local Plan process in mid-December 2023.

In the light of what might be described as the Council Planning Department’s statement of intent, this is a matter of concern.

Following the omission of Speedway from the initial Local Plan Proposal we call on all Hammers and Speedway fans who have supported our campaign, to work with us and take action.

We say that national and Thurrock Council policies in place for the ongoing protection of sporting facilities at risk from development, MUST be applied for Speedway as part of any scheme for the development of the Arena Essex site.

Our position is that the correct application of these polices dictates that a Speedway track and associated facilities will be a requirement for any planning permission for the development of the Arena Essex site.

The Initial Local Plan Proposals (Regulation 18) document is part of a statutory consultation process and gives us an opportunity to make the case for Speedway’s inclusion. (https://consult.thurrock.gov.uk/)

The Hammers campaign team are in the process of doing exactly that and expect to timetable a meeting with a former leader of the Council and Thurrock Council’s Head of Place shortly.

The consultation process began on 18 December 2023 and will end on 19 February 2024.

This is the time and opportunity for you to register your views and work with us to try to ensure that Speedway’s future is secure in Thurrock.

As part of the consultation process it is vital that you let your views be known.

Our call to action is to suggest that you email localplan@thurrock.gov.uk

In addition to making personal and straightforward expressions of interest that we all share, it is, as always, vital to put the point in planning terms to justify Speedway’s inclusion

To do that, can we suggest that you use some or all of the following text below. Send your email to: localplan@thurrock.gov.uk

Inclusion of speedway in the Thurrock Local plan

Since 1984 Speedway racing at Arena Essex has been a much valued local, regional, national and international sporting and recreational activity.

Until the closure of the Arena Essex Raceway in Speedway in 2018, the many nights I spent watching speedway racing at Arena Essex were an important part of my, [and my family’s] life for over [30] years.

Like thousands of others, the closure of this iconic sporting and community venue has been a huge loss to me, my friends and my family.

I believe that any loss of Speedway will be a significant loss to the local community as well as a matter of considerable regional, national and international concern.

To preserve Speedway, as Thurrock Council has done with other sporting facilities, I am writing to register my view that the preservation of a Speedway venue should appear in the new Local Plan in accordance with;

– National and local policies

– The mandate of Thurrock Council’s resolution passed at the Full Council meeting on 25 January 2023

– Recent local precedent

– The section 106 contribution that would be required to make any development of the Arena Essex site acceptable in planning terms.

Will you please take my view into account and ensure that Speedway is included in the Thurrock Local Plan and in particular at the Arena Essex site.

Yours faithfully

(Your Name)

Please cc newfacilities@thurrockhammers.com if possible.

We thank you in advance for your ongoing support.


Feature Image courtesy of Thurrock Hammers

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