July 17, 2024
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Kent Kings Fans to have their say on ‘Supporters Trophy’ finale

Kent Kings Fans to have their say on 'Supporters Trophy' finale

The Kent Kings promotion in conjunction with the Supporters Club have announced the 2024 Speedway season finale at the Old Gun Site track will be the ‘Supporters Trophy’ individual event with the Supporters Club putting up a first prize of £250.

The event will be held over the traditional 20 heats format with a full 16 riders and is provisionally booked for a Sunday in October.

Promotor Steve Ribbons in announcing the event commented,

“I can’t thank the Supporters Club run by Dianne Farmer enough for the tremendous backing they’ve already shown this year, paying the riders’ fuel & oil and giving other financial support. And remember both the Speedway club itself and the Supporters Club were only formed at the start of the season!”

Ribbons explained that, as much as possible, supporters can have the decision on the line-up of riders they want to see in action at the inaugural Supporters Trophy event,

“Supporters can email in to commercial@kent-speedway.co.uk suggestions of riders names who have appeared at the Iwade track this year who they would like to see again. Should anyone catch their eye in the forthcoming meetings they can vote again or speak to Di Farmer at home meetings and leave her the name of the rider and the promotion will do their best to make sure those that are voted for get to be in the meeting, other commitments allowing.”

Words by Kent Kings – Feature Image by Niall Strudwick

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