April 13, 2024
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Lasse Fredriksen completes 2024 Edinburgh Stellar Monarch

The Edinburgh Stellar Monarchs 2024 line-up is now complete with another familiar face making a return in the form of Lasse Fredriksen.

The popular Norwegian perhaps the most effervescent about his return to the Blue and Gold for the year ahead saying, “I am delighted to be back, and I can’t wait for the season to start.

“I had to wait a little bit for everything to be confirmed while the rules were sorted out then a few other things sorted out, but Edinburgh was the only place I wanted to be in 2024 so I am glad it is all confirmed.”

Fredriksen was enjoying the finest form of his career in 2023 before a nasty injury meant a spell on the sidelines. A late season return in hindsight would probably have been best avoided but the 26-year-old says that will not be a concern come time for tapes up.

“I probably shouldn’t have come back when I did, I wanted to help the team, but it didn’t work out for me or the team to be honest. I maybe didn’t realise how bad the injury was and if I am honest the hand was giving me problems up until recently.

“The last three or four weeks it feels a lot better; I don’t have any pain in it now and I feel like it is back to where it needs to be. My aim is to get back to the form I was showing before the injury, and I have no worries on my hand causing any issue with that.”

Now entering his third season with the Monarchs, and with three other teammates returning from last year, Fredriksen is of the belief that this will act as a good springboard for a big year ahead.

“I feel like we have the core with Josh (Pickering), Kye (Thomson), Paco (Castagna) and myself that have been here the last few years then I know Justin (Sedgmen) from when he guested for us a few times last year and he is a good guy.

“I don’t really know the new guys, but I am sure they will fit in well and we’ll all get together before the season starts get to know each other and it will be another fun year.”

Lasse Fredriksen in Action – Picture by Peter Hill

With all eyes of the speedway world generally Australia bound at this time of year as they host their national championships in scorching conditions, things could not be much different for Lasse as he braves another Norwegian winter. Conditions are anything but conducive to time on the bike, but this not a concern for Lasse though as he plans ahead for a big year.

“I am working in a factory just now driving forklifts so that is keeping me busy, there is not too much you can do outside as it is minus nine Celsius just now and due to get colder.

“There is an indoor motocross place about 90 minutes from me so once the weather gets a little better I will start going there and that will help me build up race fitness then I have planned a trip to Italy in March for training and testing so I will be ready to go when the season starts.

“I don’t have any targets for this year in regards an average or anything like that, but I do have some things I want to improve on.

“I feel like I have never fully got the hand of my set-up for Armadale so as soon as the season finished, I took all my engines to the tuners to talk through what is needed to get them faster for that.

“I am also going back to doing more international meetings this year so things like the European Championship qualifying and more team events for Norway so that will help as well as it will keep me busier.

“To start with I just want to get back to the form I was showing before my injury as I believe that was the best of my career, so I want to get back to that first then go from there.”

With the Stellar Monarchs line-up now complete all eyes will move towards the season’s start and Lasse was keen to let everyone know how excited he is for the year ahead.

“I just want to finish by saying how I can’t wait to get back over and see everyone; Edinburgh is a real family club, and the fans are tremendous as well.

“The support they show home and away really means a lot to everyone, so I hope to see everyone again when the season starts and give them all something to cheer about.”

The full 2024 Edinburgh Stellar Monarchs line up is Max James, Kye Thomson, Connor Coles, Josh Pickering, Paco Castagna, Justin Sedgmen, Lasse Fredriksen

Words & Feature Image by Edinburgh Monarchs 

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