April 13, 2024
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Paco Castagna is signing number five for the Edinburgh Monarchs!

It is another welcome back for the Edinburgh Stellar Monarchs as they have now announced their fifth rider in the Blue and Gold for 2024, Italian showman Paco Castagna.

Castagna comes back for his third season with the Monarchs and is looking to build on a year of improvement last time out.

Castagna saying, “I would say it was one of my best years individually, but I feel there is still more to come and that it can be better. Last year I thought if I hadn’t got the injury then I would have gone even better so that is the minimum I expect in 2024.

“I feel especially in the UK I can improve even more especially with things like set-ups. I was still chasing that sometimes last season so I want more consistency in that and that will improve my home and away form.

“I was happy enough with my away form overall last year and I think I started to find the consistency I want, and I improved my average.

“It is good to see this was recognised and Edinburgh wanted me back, I did have other offers, but I still want to repay the faith Edinburgh have shown in me over the last couple of years, so I am delighted to be back.”

As alluded to last year was probably the biggest individually of Castagna’s career with the pinnacle being qualifying to be just 5 heats away from becoming a GP rider, Castagna saying this was an education on what is required to make the next step in his career.

 The GP Challenge opened my eyes in regards the top level of the sport, you need to have top, top machinery you can’t get away with ok gear. I have put in a lot of investment; I think somewhere around £20,000 to £25,000 so that I am on the best stuff as well so then it just comes down to me and I now know what I can do.

“I will need to be at my best to up my average, people will say it is a weaker league and yes the average for team building has been brought down but look I still want to beat everyone and to do that I will need to be beating the likes of Masters, Harris, Nicholls and people like that so to get to the top of this league it is not going to be any easier.”

As it stands Edinburgh will be the sole focus for Paco’s league racing in 2024, something he is hoping will change but that will only be to Edinburgh’s benefit.

I have not had a call from anyone in the top league and that has angered me. I thought I showed enough when guesting last year but that will be Edinburgh’s gain as I am channelling all of that emotion into doing the best I can for the Blue and Gold.

“I know if I do the work off track which I will 100%, then the results will come. My mindset this year is just to focus on heat by heat and build that consistency then we will see where it takes me.”

As always Paco finishes with a familiar message to the Monarchs faithful.

Ciao Ciao, see you soon!”

2024 Stellar Monarchs announced to date: Max James, Kye Thomson, Connor Coles, Josh Pickering, Paco Castagna

Words by Edinburgh Speedway – Images by Jamie Kenny

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