July 17, 2024
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Tru7 Group to sponsor the Ipswich Witches in 2024

The 2024 Ipswich Speedway team will be known as the Ipswich ‘Tru7 Group’ Witches after Guy Nicholls and the Tru7 Group renewed their title sponsorship with the club for the new season.

The Tru7 Group have been title sponsors since 2016, with the Witches being known as the Tru7.com Witches, the Tru Plant Witches and the Tru Mix Witches.

Promoter Chris Louis is honoured to have the company on board again and to be representing the business.

“To maintain the Tru7 sponsorship is an honour,” said Louis. “In this area, you can’t avoid the name seeing the trucks on the roads, they are a hugely successful family business. To be representing them, that’s how we feel about it, is an honour and it is great to have them on board.

“It is a family of motorsport enthusiasts, particularly speedway with Guy and Jake. Jake is a hugely successful motocross rider in his own right. It is fabulous to have them on board for an eighth successive year and I can’t wait to get going, their passion for success only grows. Winning the Knockout Cup last year and going so close to the league title only makes that passion stronger.”

The former captain added that the company’s support is not just financial with the company’s desire to be the best being part of their make-up.

“Winning and being successful is a big part of their ethos and that comes from wanting to be the best in their business. That comes from offering the best equipment and service. That is how they view what they do and that is what they want to be involved in, that makes us extra proud to be their partner in that.

“The passion for that success only grew last year with how well we did. I remember so many interesting conversations with Guy over the years about how we can achieve that with the budget the club has. It is not one of the big budget clubs, there are clubs out there with bigger budgets, I can assure you. Our support last year kept the club on an even keel and seeing what it meant to the fans when we won that Knockout Cup is pushing us all on to go that one step further and get that ultimate goal.”

Louis says that the title sponsors remain as keen as everyone else at the club to see the Witches lift the league title in 2024.

“Guy just likes to work hard and get the job done and that is what he wants to see happen with the club. He backs me and my efforts to get that job done. It hasn’t ultimately happened since he has been actively involved with the club, but I do believe we are moving closer and closer, and we are all just desperate to lift that ultimate trophy.”

Words by Henry Chard – Image by Ipswich Speedway

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