July 17, 2024
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Warriors Winter Warmer Shale Track Produces Hot Stuff – Report & Results

The Wightlink Warriors experiment of hosting a ‘Winter Warmer’ track spectacular proved a rip-roaring success as 63 riders ignored the intermittent slight drizzle and produced 40 heats of close quarter racing at Ryde’s Smallbrook Stadium on Saturday.

With speedway, flat track and grass track (GT140) represented, the meeting had something for everyone and produced a super exhibition of machinery handling skills and great racing warmly appreciated by both local fans and some who had travelled from Peterborough, Plymouth and the Midlands to enjoy some out-of-season action.

And it was quite a sight with some races having 12 riders on track at one time whilst other heats pitted conventional petrol power against the latest electric bike technology.

Fittingly the main finals that rounded the meeting out were all races of great quality, skill and determination from all competitors and drawing a very positive response from Wightlink Warriors co-owner Barry Bishop who said,

“What an excellent training meeting ridden under true race conditions. I have to admit to a bit of concern as the light rain in the air lingered around the stadium, however not one rider complained about conditions, they just rolled their sleeves up and got on with their racing in a terrific spirit of cooperation and at the end of the meeting I was delighted to receive many compliments which makes me think we should try this again fairly soon”.

Summary results from Warriors Winter Warmer:

Open Flat Track A Final

1st Jack Bell
2nd George Pickering
3rdRowan Haughey

GT140 A Final

1st Wayne Broadhurst
2nd Cameron Taylor
3rd Ian Clark

Minibike Flat Track Final

1st Chris Bailey
2nd Max Inman
3rd Mike Fisher

Development Speedway A Final

1st Chad Wirtzfeld
2nd Arran Butcher
3rd Jamie Sealey

Open Flat Track B Final

1st Anthony Brown
2nd Vince Hurst
3rd Christian Loveday

GT140 B Final

1st Richie Knight
2nd Darren Sargeant
3rd Adam Hawker

Development Speedway B Final

1st Morgan Williams
2nd Jake Breeze
3rd Jamie Evans

Junior Speedway Rider of The Day

Charlie Southwick

Race Report & Images by Wighlight Warriors

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