July 17, 2024
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William Cairns scorches to SGP3 Semi Final maximum – Report & Results

William Cairns scorches to SGP3 Semi Final maximum

Great Britain maximum man William Cairns is determined to sign off his 250cc career in style after booking his place in the ISS FIM SGP3 Final at iconic Polish venue Gorzow next Friday.

Cairns cruised to an emphatic 15-point maximum from five races in FIM SGP3 Semi-Final 2 at German track Teterow on Saturday afternoon, repeating the feat of title rival Maksymilian Pawelczak of Poland, who went unbeaten in Semi-Final 1 earlier in the day.

It was an incredible performance from the Brit, who has been training with four-time Speedway GP world champion Greg Hancock in recent times, and the ISS FIM SGP3 Final will be Cairns’ last FIM Speedway Youth World Championship event, before he progresses to 500cc competition.

He is determined to go out on a high in Gorzow as he prepares to take on likely title rival Pawelczak on the Pole’s home soil.

He said: “It took me a while to get used to the Teterow track in practice, but we got the setup right and it all turned out well.

“It’s on to Gorzow now. It’s always a thrill to ride a GP track and be in that Speedway GP environment – we will have the SGP pits and stage there. That’s always cool.

“I will give it my best shot and hopefully get on the podium. I’ll be up against Maks, and he is a really good racer. He’s definitely going to put on a show for the whole of Poland on Friday.”

SGP3 Semi-Final 2 top trio William Cairns (centre), Beau Bailey (left) and Jacob Bolcho Pedersen (right). PHOTO: Jesper Veldhuizen

With Cairns’ SGP3 days almost over, he’s already setting his sights on an SGP2 FIM Speedway Under-21 World Championship spot in the coming years.

He said: “After the SGP3 Final, I will be heading off to race the 500s next month. That’s going to be a whole new adventure for me. Then I will be looking to get into SGP2 – maybe next year or the year after that.

“I have been on the 250cc bikes for three and a half years now. I have given them a thrashing, blown up a few engines, but I’ve had a world of fun and created memories along the way.”

Cairns revealed American icon Hancock’s coaching has sharpened up his starts, which proved a real asset on a technical Teterow track.

He said: “Greg was always known to be a good starter. He’s a four-time world champion. I can’t let out too many details, but the starts are definitely working for me. I made five out of five gates today – now it’s on to Gorzow.”

SGP3 Semi-Final 1 top three Maksymilian Pawelczak (centre), Villads Pedersen (left), Sven Cerjak (right). PHOTO: Jesper Veldhuizen

Last year’s SGP3 runner-up Pawelczak can’t wait to fly the Polish flag in Gorzow as he bids to upgrade last season’s silver to gold.

He said: “I am very happy about today. Me and my team did a very good job. I am very happy we have managed to qualify for the SGP3 Final in Gorzow.

“I managed to win every heat and I am very happy about that. I am looking forward to Gorzow very much and I am very happy that I can race there. Everyone who has qualified today wants to win next Friday. Let’s see what happens.”

Sixteen riders from eight different nations will contest the ISS FIM SGP3 Final – Gorzow on Friday – the night before world’s top riders go wheel to wheel in the ISS FIM Speedway GP of Poland – Gorzow on Saturday, June 29.

Cairns is joined in qualifying for the ISS FIM SGP3 Final – Gorzow by Semi-Final 2 runner-up Beau Bailey of Australia, who impressed on 14 points.

Polish sensation Pawelczak in action. PHOTO: Jesper Veldhuizen

Danish young gun Jacob Bolcho Pedersen was third on 13, with 2023 FIM SGP4 winner Elias Jamil, also of Denmark, fourth on 11 to secure qualification. Poland’s Maksymilian Kostera, Sweden’s Casper Appelgren, Czech racer Karel Prusa and Noah Urda of France also qualified for the Final.

Along with Pawelczak, Semi-Final 1 runner-up Villads Pedersen of Denmark, progressed on 14, with Slovenian sensation Sven Cerjak rounding off the podium in third on 12.

Poland’s Karol Szmyd, Australia’s Jordy Loftus, Czech star Adam Nejezchleba, Sweden’s Leo Klasson and Great Britain racer Cooper Rushen also qualified from Semi-Final 1.

ISS FIM SGP3 FINAL LINE-UP (in no particular order): Maksymilian Pawelczak (Poland), Villads Pedersen (Denmark), Sven Cerjak (Slovenia), Karol Szmyd (Poland), Jordy Loftus (Australia), Adam Nejezchleba (Czech Republic), Leo Klasson (Sweden), Cooper Rushen (Great Britain), William Cairns (Great Britain), Beau Bailey (Australia), Jacob Bolcho Pedersen (Denmark), Elias Jamil (Denmark), Maksymilian Kostera (Poland), Casper Appelgren (Sweden), Karel Prusa (Czech Republic), Noah Urda (France).


1. Maksymilian Pawelczak (Poland) 15

2. Villads Pedersen (Denmark) 14

3. Sven Cerjak (Slovenia) 12

4. Karol Szmyd (Poland) 11

5. Jordy Loftus (Australia) 9

6. Adam Nejezchleba (Czech Republic) 9

7. Leo Klasson (Sweden) 9

8. Cooper Rushen (Great Britain) 6


9. Janek Konzack (Germany) 6

10. Nicolas Hohlbein (USA) 6

11. Zoltan Lovas (Hungary) 6

12. Carlos Gennerich (Germany) 5

13. Thies Schweer (Germany) 3

14. Kevin Melato (Italy) 3

15. Lisandro Lobos Modon (Argentina) 2

16. Silvar Avi (Estonia) 1

17. Matys Sambarrey (France) 1

18. Mike Jarczewski (Germany) 1

Pawelczak looks forward to a home SGP3 Final in Gorzow. PHOTO: Jesper Veldhuizen


1. William Cairns (Great Britain) 15

2. Beau Bailey (Australia) 14

3. Jacob Bolcho Pedersen (Denmark) 13

4. Elias Jamil (Denmark) 11

5. Maksymilian Kostera (Poland) 9

6. Casper Appelgren (Sweden) 9

7. Karel Prusa (Czech Republic) 7

8. Noah Urda (France) 7


9. Tilen Bracko (Slovenia) 6

10. Kensei Matsudaira (USA) 6

11. Carl Wyant (Germany) 4

12. Imre Vigre (Norway) 4

13. Magnus Rau (Germany) 3

14. Seth Norman (Great Britain) 3

15. Oskar Evertsson (Sweden) 3

16. Zakhar Lustiuk (Ukraine) 2

17. Andre Damian (Romania) 1

18. Lester Matthijssen (Netherlands) 0

Words by Speedway GP – Feature Image – Britain’s William Cairns leads the charge into the ISS FIM SGP3 Final – Gorzow. PHOTO: Jesper Veldhuizen

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