April 13, 2024
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British Youth Championship youth age limit raised

THE Young Lions have confirmed that with approval from the Speedway Control Bureau, and in line with the BSP plans for more track time for up-and-coming British riders, the age limit for the 500cc section of the 2024 British Youth Championship is to be increased.

Riders will now be eligible for the series by being under 17 years of age on January 1, 2024 (rather than under 16).

British Youth Boss Neil Vatcher explained: “The proposal went before the members of the SCB for a number of reasons, primarily to give young British riders who have not yet got to a level of league racing the opportunity of more track time in racing conditions.

“Also in the last couple of seasons there has been a lack of riders in this class, and therefore it made sense to increase the age category to enable a bigger pool of riders the opportunity of competing. 

“This has been put in place to encourage riders to participate in the Youth Championship and continue on their progression path to eventually getting to a level of Premiership and Championship standard, and therefore the criteria will be that riders who are declared in Premiership and/or Championship teams will not be eligible.”

Words by British Speedway – Feature Image courtesy of Young Lions Speedway

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